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Racing Cylinder MALOSSI MHR Replica 68cc

Racing Cylinder MALOSSI MHR Replica 68cc
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The MHR Replica line of cylinder was created especially for the International Scooter Trophy ­ 70cc Automatic Class. These cylinder kits were designed to guarantee maximum performance in this category, while at the same time assuring extremely long product life. In order to guarantee these special characteristics, Malossi MHR Replica cylinder kit have pistons with two chrome-plated rectangular segmants and a compression ratio of 13.8:1, plus torque value of 7.35 N.m. (o.75 Kgm) at 8.000 rpm and power of 6.6 Kw (9 C.V.) at 8.500 rpm. The MHR line is the results of Malossi's many years of experience in European and National competitions. These new cylinder kits are composed principally of cylinder- piston ­ ring ­ head.

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